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Grass Fed Buffalo
The New York Times, Dining In
Excerpted from "Home Again On the Kitchen Range" by Marian Burros

Nick Ottomanelli has been watching buffalo muscle in on prime beef at the three Ottomanelli Brothers butcher shops in Manhattan and Queens his family owns. “Prime beef sales have gone down 8 to 10 percent." Mr. Ottomanelli said. “Bison took off, and sales have increased 15 percent over the past year." The change is especially striking because a buffalo rib-eye steak sells for $18.95 a pound at his shops, while the prime rib-eye is $16.95.

I cooked four rib-eyes. Ottomanelli Brothers' grass-fed was the best: more than an inch thick, tender, full of beefy flavor.

"Grass-Fed" Boneless Buffalo Rib-Eye Steak

Cuts may very; price will be recalculated according to weight at time of shipping. With slightly more marbling than other buffalo meat steaks, this is a perfect introduction to buffalo.

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2 (12oz) Cuts : ($49.95) QTY:  

"Grass-Fed" Boneless Loin of Buffalo (New York Strip Steak)

Cuts may vary in size - price will be calculated by actual weight when your order is shipped. These boneless buffalo meat strips are often referred to as the "ultimate cookout steak" - just remember to raise the grilling rack so as to not overcook this super-lean meat.

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2 (12oz) Cuts : ($49.95) QTY:  

"Grass-Fed" Buffalo Steak Burger

Grilled or pan-fried, our gourmet bison burgers are bound to bring them back for more! These thick, 100% bison patties are packed with satisfying flavor without excess fat or fillers. Stock up now for your next picnic or weekend cookout.

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4 (5oz) Patties : ($19.95) QTY:  

Fresh Ground Fresh Ground "Grass-Fed" Buffalo Steak

Our 100% grass-fed Ground Buffalo Steak has a sweet delicious flavor and is 90% lean - perfect for awesome buffalo steak burgers. Ground Buffalo can be used in any recipe that calls for beef

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Chateaubriand, the Queen of Roasts. Easy to prepare, delicious, tender and oven ready.
An Italian American Restuarant with a Family Tradition.
~Since 1900~

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