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Sometime’s you just need to get your meat on. And when that mood strikes, there are few cities better to be in than this one, with its long history of butchers, slaughterhouses, and meat shops. Some of the most famed purveyors of flesh have been around since 1900 and are still going strong, while others are looking to make a name for themselves in our locavore era. Regardless, there are a lot of options for the perfect cut, and here are the select few that made the grade.


Another old-school meat shop, Ottomanelli may be the best known NYC-based butchery in the Northeast. Started in 1900 and still owned by the same family five generations later, Ottomanelli serves up exceptional cuts of prime rib, veal, lamb, and aged beef, as well as a recently popular addition, buffalo meat. If you're begging for bison you can grab rib-eyes, strip-steaks, and burgers. The meat house has come a long way from its humble beginnings with multiple locations, cafes, online stores, and bakeries, but the original meat market still retains its intimacy despite the growth.

Details: Multiple Locations

Chateaubriand, the Queen of Roasts. Easy to prepare, delicious, tender and oven ready.
Italian American Restuarants with a Family Tradition.
~Since 1900~

Three NY Locations

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OTTOMANELLI BROTHERS • 1549 York Avenue (Corner of 82nd Street) • T: 212.772.7900 • F: 212.772.8436